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Highlight your passion for fashion with the brilliantly stylish accessories from p+g design. Never has fun-loving flair been so easy to use and perfectly proportioned to keep everyday essentials. Each of our accessories features a compact design and our signature suede-like silicone material that unite for a sophisticated and charming way to put your colourful life in order. Lasting and wonderfully soft to the touch. Available in many great colors to match every unique personality. p+g design brings fashion to a new level of seamless style for any occasion.

With just a pinch, you’ve found a convenient way to keep your items...and your life... organized.

NOTE: There are many imitation p+g design products being sold. Read more to make sure you avoid poor quality silicone products.

Meet the Designer

Ikuyo Ejiri Talks About the Birth of POCHI

Ikuyo Ejiri, designer

It was in June 2008, at my very first in-house planning meeting, that I brought up the idea for the POCHI. All of my colleagues liked my proposal, so we began thinking about how to bring it to the market and we started developing the product. The theme of the planning meeting had been "sundries made of silicone." Up until that point, there had been a lot of kitchen goods made with silicone, and they always looked cheerful and colorful in shops, so we were trying to think of other ideas that might work.

The concept for the POCHI came to me when I was searching for new ideas at a five-and-dime store and saw some coin purses. I've always loved the traditional Japanese coin purses made with pretty fabrics and the ones they had at that store were very cute. That's when it struck me: What if we made coin purses out of silicone? An image popped into my head (roughly the same thing as what we ended up selling), and I thought to myself, "This will definitely be cute!"

The first prototype didn't match that mental image I had at all, but I remember how happy I felt to see my first design come to life. Because there was no metal frame, though, the clasp was really wobbly. There was no way that you could close it.

For the next version, we had them insert a wire when it was being molded, so at least you could close it . . . but it wasn't very cute.

Then we went back and reshaped the mold and put in new metal fittings. Now it was starting to look more like a coin purse!

When you closed it, though, it would lose its shape. Because it was molded in an open position, as soon as you closed it, the purse puckered. That certainly did not make for a very cute coin purse!

So we changed the mold again, and this time it came out almost like what we're now selling.

The final step was just changing the size of the clasp. Our cute, round POCHI was born!

There were moments over the yearlong development process when I felt like giving up, but in the end, with help from the factory, we succeeded in making the world’s first silicone coin purse.

Traditional Japanese Coin Purse

People in Japan and around the world seem to have fallen in love with the line of goods that began with the POCHI—"silicone products by p+g design." In fact, we've shown these goods at international trade shows, and even though I don't speak English, I know just enough to be thrilled when I hear customers say things like, "Cool!" or "I love it!" I hope that these products will reach more and more people around the world, and that I can continue to create more products like these in the future.

- Ikuyo Ejiri, designer, p+g design