Beware of Imitation Products

Thank you for purchasing p+g design's silicone products. Currently, there are many products being advertised by several Chinese companies on Alibaba and other e-commerce sites that resemble our company's silicone products, including our POCHI coin purse. Although our company's products are also manufactured in China, the factories that we work with there have not released any information to the public, so the product information from China is emanating from factories that are producing unauthorized imitations of our company's products. They are reusing images that are posted on our company's website and our customers' websites without permission. We are now sending those Chinese companies letters of warning, and a few seem to have stopped promoting the sales of the products, but most have ignored our warnings and are continuing to sell the items.

At the same time, we are aware of a number of companies within Japan that have been selling imitation goods as well, and after speaking with most of them and asking them to cease their sales of the goods, they have agreed to stop selling the items. We have also been in discussions with several companies at international trade shows that have been handling products that are imitations of our company's products. Every one of them has said that the Chinese factories and companies have presented the products to them with the same claim: "It's our company's original creation and a very popular product." The majority of the counterfeit products show a very coarse level of finishing–a level of quality that our company would never present to our customers.

Our company's products feature the p+g design logo, as seen below.

Compared to our company's products, the molding on the imitation products is poorly done and the finish on the trim is rough as well.

When purchasing these products, please be careful of imitations. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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